Tiwanaku Alien and the Nostradamus Prophecies

So here’s the place the contention leads. In the event that the book of Revelation is a book of images, it implies that the sign of the monster is an image of something different that isn’t exactly evident in the sacred texts. A few people decipher the characteristic of the brute as an image of insatiability, others state it is an image of the malevolence financial framework, while different proposals have it that it is a bogus day of love. These translations may have their place as auxiliary applications relating to the sign of the mammoth, however none of them can be advanced as set up understandings in the sacred writings.

To somewhere in the range of, an immediate association between the sky divine force of Tiwanaku, physically present in the Andes during early medieval occasions, and a portion of the Nostradamus predictions, distributed in France about a thousand years after the fact, may appear to be unfathomable, and unprovable regardless of whether genuine. Be that as it may, this isn’t the spot to estimate about the mechanical forces of a galactic super-human advancement. This article only concerns proof of the connection.

Before we start

we have to get the planning straight. We have to know exactly when the sky god showed up in Tiwanaku. In prior articles, I contended that the Nazca Lines were made to pull in, engage, and manage the sky divine force of Tiwanaku, so we should take a gander at Nazca too.


The Nazca Lines themselves can’t be dated by means of radiocarbon examination. In the paper Dating the geometric Nasca lines in the Peruvian desert, W.J. Arena and J. Bartoll state: Request personal Prophecy “Wooden posts at the convergences of two distinct arrangements of lines have given uncalibrated 14C dates of AD 525 +/ – 80 and 490 +/ – 80 (Bray 1992).” Allowing time for the trees to develop and maybe existing for some time preceding being utilized to stake out the lines, it is sheltered to expect that the geoglyph task started in the late 6th century or mid seventh century. The period AD 600 to AD 700 would be a decent supposition for this undertaking.


This city is very old however archeologists have noted phases of advancement. The expansionist sky-god stage is for the most part accepted to have started around AD 600. Wikipedia cites William H. Isbell: “Tiahuanaco experienced a sensational change between AD 600 and 700 that built up new stupendous measures for municipal engineering and incredibly expanded the inhabitant populace.” This was their sky god age.

In rundown, we are searching for the sky god to have showed up in Tiwanaku at the finish of the 6th century AD. We should now observe what the Nostradamus predictions need to state about this. The accompanying prophecy is numbered VI-2:

In the year 500 eighty more and less,

One will anticipate a weird century,

In the year 700 and three (skies in declaration)

Numerous kingdoms one to five will make change.

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